Knowledge Network Broadcast Premiere May 26th, 2020


When a murder on main street bursts the bubble of Nelson’s utopian image, citizens of this mountain oasis head into a raucous city election struggling with their emerging exposure to the right wing wave of populism spreading across North America.


Population: 10,572
Distance to Calgary, Alberta: 622km
Distance to Vancouver, British Columbia: 659km
Downtown Stoplights: 3
Practicing Artists: 1025
Massage Therapists: 121
Electric Bikes: 319
French Bakeries: 2
Illegal Backyard Chickens: 44
Town Clown: 1

"I often refer to Nelson as the bubble. It was kind of the last bastion of human kindness where things outside of commerce seemed to be at the paramount of why people lived here."

- Mike Hodsall, musician

"The one thing that all the different groups have in common is a kind of libertarian spirit. People really want to be left alone to live their own utopia."

- Anna Purcell, City Councillor

"People talk about how we, in Nelson, live in a bubble. We’re kind of safe from the rest of the world, but the rest of the world is here and all of those things are coming in on us now and we’re having to deal with them."

- Deb Kozak, Mayor of Nelson